Piccolo Marketing Welcomes New Business Development Manager, Daniel Green

NASHVILLE, Tenn., August 24, 2020—Piccolo Marketing is proud to announce and welcome Daniel Green as their Business Development Manager.

Green brings a wealth of experience to Piccolo Marketing with ten years of work within the AdTech industry under his belt, including notable global account manager and executive positions for advertising and television networks across three continents—Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

In a prior role, he led and managed Adstream’s data migration and front line user adaptation for a merger that resulted in $3 million in revenue savings. Green holds an Honors B.A. in Film, Cinema, and Media studies from Bournemouth University and an Honors Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing from UC Irvine. 

When asked about his new role at Piccolo, Green stated, “Summarizing what I enjoy in a job role has to be the right mix of job responsibilities, people you work with, and the overall company ethos, and I think I’ve struck that balance with Piccolo. We are an ambitious team with a collegiate mindset and results-driven outlook that can effectively handle full-scale marketing campaigns but sit comfortably outside of the traditional agency model.”

Green continued, “What I love most about my job is helping clients see how they can incrementally achieve their marketing and engagement goals, widen their marketing reach, and build relationships with an effective and sustainable marketing strategy.” 

More information about Daniel Green is available on Piccolo Marketing’s Meet the Team page at https://www.piccolomarketing.com/meet-the-team/.

Piccolo Marketing provides the outsourced services and client care of an experienced marketing department, customized to your current projects and budgets. To learn more about what Piccolo Marketing offers, visit piccolomarketing.com or give them a call at 615-348-7768.

View article on the Nashville Business Journal.

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