Marketing Manager

Piccolo Marketing Manager


Are you a creative thinker, a hard worker, and an eager learner? Piccolo Marketing is seeking a new Marketing Manager that is all of these things and more – we’re looking for someone who can really show off their digital marketing skills, and that person could be you!


Are you….

  • A team player who enjoys working in a team environment that is mission-driven and results-oriented? Your interpersonal skills are out-of-this-world!
  • Awesome at prioritizing ever-changing needs? This will help you handle matters proactively and allow you to follow through on projects to successful completion.
  • A forward-looking thinker who actively seeks opportunities and proposes solutions? You could help our company grow!
  • Someone who has extensive experience with various social media, email, and digital ad platforms? Show us your skills! This helps us see your understanding of and interest in learning how to use digital strategies for marketing.
  • Super strong communication skills? Most of what we do is virtual (calls, Skype meetings, email, project management tracking), so you have to document what you do and take direction in stride, without a lot of “fluff.”  
  • Proficient skills with Google applications, project management tools, and database spreadsheet programs? These are a must!


Key Personal Characteristics:

  • A kick-ass positive attitude and work ethic! We need team members that are self-managed, efficient, and challenge our systems to always be better.
  • A “thick skin” and the ability to “herd cats.” We move fast and in a million directions. Open communication is always encouraged, and the daily routine will be direct, rapid, and ever-changing.  
  • An ability to take initiative and work independently. We assign tasks with deadlines and expect them to be completed on time. Don’t care where or when you work, as long as the results are delivered by the deadline.
  • Creative/”Outside the Box” Nature. We handle A LOT of things every day, quickly switching from one task to another. To do this, we have to be constantly improving our performance, not just in how we complete tasks, but in the processes we utilize. Got a new idea? Great! Let’s make things better!


Regular Duties:

  • You will be working closely and effectively with the team to keep them well informed of upcoming commitments and responsibilities, and following up appropriately- show off those communication skills!
  • Marketing managers help Piccolo to carry out our clients’ creative visions. As a marketing manager, you will help to develop and implement clients’ digital marketing strategies, including stellar email campaigns, standout social media marketing, and tested lead funnels
  • Collaborate with internal teams to design, develop and implement digital projects
  • Deliver projects on time ensuring quality standards are met
  • Develop support documentation including risk logs and requirement specifications
  • Monitor and report on Google Analytics metrics
  • Highlight potential risks or malfunctions and act proactively to resolve issues
  • Seek opportunities for improvement and suggest new projects
  • Set digital strategies for your assigned customers, considering their specific requirements
  • Suggest, design and implement digital projects to increase customer ROI
  • Address client queries effectively and in a timely manner
  • Optimize web content to increase traffic and improve SEO
  • Present social media strategies to clients
  • Report on web performance metrics
  • Analyze digital campaigns success
  • Stay up-to-date with digital technology trends
  • Proofread fellow marketing managers’ work
  • You will also sit in on appropriate company development meetings and offer insight, guidance, and solutions to help drive our businesses towards our goals- strategic thinking and vision are vital skills since you could help shape the direction of the company moving forward.
  • You, as the contractor, will be responsible for working hours as needed, whether “in person” or remotely, and tracking project time. Here’s your chance to flex those time-management muscles!
  • Miscellaneous tasks as needed- this is where flexibility comes in handy.



  • A computer, reliable internet access, phone, and transportation.  
  • Experience with programs and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, and ASANA is preferred!

Compensation Package:

  • As a Marketing Manager, you would be paid hourly. Hours will be assigned as tasks are available. We look internally to promote team members to full-time positions based on performance.
  • Since you will be a contractor, you will clock/record work time and will give notice of vacation or sick time so workload can be managed accordingly.


This is a virtual position where most work will be performed from your computer, wherever you are able to work. Residing in the Greater Nashville area is preferred as there will also be in-person training, meetings with our President, Anna-Vija McClain, clients, and other team members, but remote workers with strong communication skills will be considered.


This part-time, 1099  position will start with shadowing and training in-person and virtually as needed. Hours will vary from week to week, and usually, ranging from 5-15 hours per week. A minimum of 5 hours a week is required.



Piccolo Marketing is a fast-growing business and we are looking for people who want to grow with us. We want team members who want to learn, take on new challenges, and help small business owners and entrepreneurs!  If you think you are right for the position, drop us a line!