Meet The Team


Anna-Vija McClain

Founder and CEO

Anna-Vija is our Founder and CEO. As the company visionary, Anna-Vija’s belief is that small business owners and entrepreneurs can build a successful brand through the “outsourced marketing” model. She uses her 16+ years of experience to develop strategic marketing campaigns for our clients and is always learning to stay ahead of the ever-changing world of marketing. AV is passionate about helping others identify and reach their life goals.

Most likely to:
Achieve small business nirvana.
Hear her dogs bark on a conference call.


Jessica Goff

People Operations and Account Manager

Jessica Goff is our People Operations and Account Manager. With a background in problem solving and management, she handles our staff, clients, and general operations with ease! Her insight for client’s target audiences and goals translates to perfectly curated project management. Jessica also serves as our Culture Coordinator, managing our team meetings, social meetups, and keeping our staff loving their jobs!

Most likely to:
Plan ahead… by like, a month.
Flood your inbox with awesomeness!


Brenden Cox

System Operations Manager

Brenden is our System Operations Manager. Brenden worked in Food and Beverage Customer service for almost a decade so his client services skills are top notch. He has used his Education degree in a wide variety of ways including creating a training and orientation program for a hotel with 100+ employees. He trains all new Piccolo team members and his attention to detail is a vital part of our Management Team!

Most likely to:
Conference call in from Georgia.
“Google stalk” to get really custom posts.


Dan Green

Business Development Manager

Dan is our Business Development Manager. He brings a wealth of experience from his work with great Adtech, advertising and television networks across three continents (Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States). He loves to travel the world, explore off the beaten path, and find the most valuable service packages for our clients – kind of like an Indiana Edward Jones! His inquisitive nature and great listening skills mean you get what you need – not what we want you to buy.

Most likely to:
Have frequent flyer miles and a model airplane on his desk.
Find the most valuable service package for your business.


Kaitlyn Johnasen

Account Manager

Kaitlyn is our Account Manager. She brings years of experience to our team from working across the spectrum in the hospitality industry. From small family businesses to corporate sectors, Kaitlyn has seen it all and understands how to help business owners reach their goals. Her professional passion is working closely with clients to make sure they flourish and grow under our umbrella. Kaitlyn has traveled the country and that adventurous spirit allows her to see the proverbial “forest from the trees” when helping businesses find the solutions they need.

Most likely to:
Own a Lonely Planet guidebook
Be voted MVP from our clients


David Paulsson

Project Manager

David is our Project Manager! David is always looking ahead and pushing Piccolo to be the best it can be. His myriad experiences from video editing to proofreading to all things content creation make him a valuable asset to our team, and he’s a whiz at working behind the scenes to execute our clients’ marketing campaigns efficiently while taking care of all the details.

Most likely to:
Think ahead and respond to your questions in record time.
Contribute helpful advice.


Kristin Haney

Marketing Administrator

Kristin is our marketing administrator. As our first and last line of defense for written materials, you are guaranteed to not find a stray comma or dangling modifier while she’s on the clock! She has experience as a writer for small businesses, editor for a publishing company and an education coordinator for an arts center. When she’s not traveling, Kristin loves using her critical eye to keep our social media, articles, and blogs high on the readability scale.

Most likely to:

Know the subtle differences between Hemingway and Grammarly.
Know the 4 main styles of writing.


Jermaine Dobbins

Consultant of Awesomeness

As an internationally published journalist/editor, Jermaine brings a unique blend of creative brand marketing to our clients from his travels through Europe. He has experience in communications for entities ranging from juvenile justice and federal reform to interviewing Lionel Richie and Rihanna in their hotel rooms. Jermaine is always looking out for the “next big thing” in marketing.

Most likely to:
Research your research.
Use a thesaurus.


Eli Simmons


Elisenda Simmons is our Photographer. Eli uses her love of colors and travel to capture compelling photos. Her photography background and work in public relations and social media management enable her to capture the essence of a campaign and deliver that experience to clients. Because of Eli’s long-time tenure with Piccolo, she knows how to maximize a photo shoot for all areas of marketing.

Most likely to:
Move everything around for a photo.
Take 500 photos and keep 6.


Gabe Wateski

SEO Specialist

Gabe can take a company from online “newbie” to a well-established, high-ranking site. He has the ability and the know-how to assess a webpage’s ranking and help us create strategies to keep our clients on the first page of search engine results. He can optimize everything from meta-tags to directories to website content!

Most likely to:
Have a “Top 10” List.
Be rocking out with his band at night.


Danae Martin

Marketing Administrator

Before coming to Piccolo, Danae co-founded and ran Convert to Code, a community organization that hosts free coding workshops for students grades 5-12. Her ability to ask relevant questions and brainstorm creative strategies makes her an invaluable part of the Piccolo family. Danae is currently a full-time student at Vanderbilt University.

Most likely to:
Dot your “i” and cross your “t”.
Get it right the first time.


Logen Christopher


Logen Christopher is an award-winning Director/Cinematographer and founder of Stormlight Pictures. He started working on sets at the age of 14 and made an early commitment to learning every process of film and media production. His experience ranges from feature films and music videos to national brand campaigns and he brings that value to our clients.

Most likely to:

Move in stealth mode.
Make you look better than you thought you could.


Jaleesa O’Neal


Jaleesa O’Neal is our Controller. She uses her self-described “Nancy Drew skills” to develop detailed reporting and her Google sleuth skills are as immense as her organizing acumen. Jaleesa has a varied background, including being a fully licensed Physical Therapist, but has always been focused on service. While she may prefer working at 4:30 am, she gets a TON done!

Most likely to:
Organize. Everything.
Create a list of lists.


Barbara Hinch

Copywriting Specialist

A storyteller at heart, she excels at taking our clients’ seemingly random information and weaving it together into a well-worded and concise marketing message. Keeping her mind on target audience and strategy, if you need a custom blog, Barbara’s your girl… only when she isn’t swimming with Mickey at Disney World!

Most likely to:
Ask all the questions you didn’t think of.
Perfectly curate your content.


Ben Homan

Agency Partner - Web Developer

Ben helps local companies compete with big-box competitors by offering industry-leading, optimized, and perfect websites. Always thinking with speed in mind, each website is built from the ground up for fastest load times and user-friendly experience. He always tries something fresh and each website built is built to win an award, not just to accomplish a task. Theoretically, that means your next website is his best one yet!

Most likely to:
Name a pet after development lingo.
Work from hotel lobbies across the globe.