Anna-Vija McClain

Anna-Vija is our Founder and President. As the company visionary, Anna-Vija’s belief is that small business owners and entrepreneurs can build a successful brand through the “outsource marketing director” model. She uses her 15 years of experience to execute strategic marketing campaigns for her clients.  AV is passionate about helping others identify and reach their life goals.

Most likely to:
Achieve small business nirvana.
Hear her dogs bark on a conference call.

Jessica Goff

Jessica Goff is our Operations Manager. With a background in problem solving and management, she handles our staff, clients, and general operations with ease! Her insight for client’s target audiences and goals translates to perfectly curated project management. Jessica also serves as our Culture Coordinator, managing our team meetings, social meetups, and keeping our staff loving their jobs!

Most likely to: 
Plan ahead… by like, a month.
Flood your inbox with awesomeness!

Jermaine Dobbins

Jermaine Dobbins is our Project Manager. As an internationally published journalist/editor, Jermaine brings a unique blend of creative brand marketing to our clients from his travels through Europe. He has experience in communications for entities ranging from juvenile justice and federal reform to interviewing Lionel Richie and Rihanna in their hotel rooms.

Most likely to:
Research your research.
Use a thesaurus.

Eli Simmons

Elisenda Simmons is our Photographer / Marketing Coordinator. Eli uses her love of colors and travel to capture compelling photos. Her photography background and work in public relations and social media management enable her to capture the essence of a campaign and deliver that experience to clients.

Most likely to:
Adjust the light in the restaurant.
Tell Anna-Vija to “look normal” for a photo.

Luke Myszka

You’re not talking to Luke until he’s had at least two cups of coffee… maybe three. Luke Myszka is our SEO guru and all around “get things done” guy. With a background in digital advertising and SEO expertise, Luke uses his unique “nerd” skills to make clients marketing efforts cohesively work towards a single goal: success.

Most likely to: 
Want to meet at a coffee shop.
Knock out 42 tasks overnight.

Tara Lycus

Tara Lycus is our Marketing Coordinator and Nashville Locals Director. She uses her creativity and organization skills to take on our clients’ numerous digital marketing needs, from social media to email blasts, to make everything work cohesively towards their goals. Her unique background in accounting and hospitality, Tara keeps our projects in order with a smile!

Most likely to:
Take care of projects above and beyond what’s needed.
Know all the Nashville “hot spots!”

Jaleesa O’Neal

Jaleesa O’Neal is our Marketing Coordinator. She uses her self-described “Nancy Drew skills” to develop detailed lead lists for businesses and her Google Sleuth skills are as immense as her organizing acumen. While she may prefer working at 4:30 am, she gets a TON done!

Most likely to:
Organize. Everything.
Create a list of lists.

Barbara Hinch

Barbara Hinch is our Marketing Coordinator, specializing in content development. As a storyteller, she excels at taking our clients’ seemingly random information and weaving it together into a well-worded and concise marketing message. If you need a custom blog, Barbara’s your girl.

Most likely to: 
Ask all the questions you didn’t think of.
Perfectly curate your content.

Brenden Cox

Brenden is our Marketing Coordinator. His History degree makes him a lover of stories, and he is very detailed oriented, making him the perfect fit to oversee our clients’ social media, blogs, and email blasts. He’s juggling a lot of balls to keep things running smoothly!

Most likely to: 
Conference call in from Georgia.
“Google stalk” to get really custom posts.