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A Marketing Mentor Built For Your Small Business

When it comes to marketing, it’s almost impossible to read the label of the box you’re in. Your business may not have the need for a full-time marketing department, let alone, someone designated to do the research to find best practices, new trends, and analyze your account.  

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a strategic map implemented. Are you wanting to grow, improve, learn, and walk away with actionable items with a professional?

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Push your company to the next level!

“From our first “get to know you” meeting to working on and implementing our various marketing projects, everyone at Piccolo has been great to work with, professional, and responsive. It continues to amaze us how they have been able to pick up on and speak to the verbiage of our world, not being medical professionals themselves. I think that really speaks to their ability to listen and understand our vision, emphasizing the things that set us apart. I would recommend Piccolo Marketing to anyone looking to promote and expand their business!”

Jaleesa O'Neal


Marketing Mentor Pro


Create a professional, comprehensive, short/long-term marketing strategy:

  • Learn, outline, & develop actionable goals based on best practices
  • Walk through the data & answer the questions you may not be asking yourself
  • We will ask you questions & understand your current scope
  • Guidance on what might be missing in your current marketing strategy
  • Includes (1) scheduled call per month

Marketing Mentor Premium


Create a comprehensive strategy, generate actionable steps with a realistic timeline and assist in providing accountability with more in-depth learning of the inner workings of your marketing goals:

  • Understand the inner workings of the tools you need with a full comprehensive reporting strategy
  • In-depth knowledge of social media marketing, post scheduling, email marketing, blogging, & generating video content
  • Overview & communication with our team to ensure you’re pacing at the rate to accelerate your marketing goals 
  • Learn, outline, & develop actionable goals based on best practices
  • Walk through the data & get answers to the questions you may not be asking yourself or know to be looking for
  • Generate a realistic timeline & roadmap of short-term and long-term goals.
  • Includes (2) scheduled calls per month & direct email communication
  • Includes (1) bespoke video from Piccolo Experts to review different aspects of your digital footprint.

*Pricing includes a monthly commitment of a term of either a (6) month or a (12) month commitment dependent on your goals and needs.

Take Control of Your Own Marketing!

“Piccolo’s team is professional, innovative, responsive, and takes the initiative. They have done a great job at achieving our vision and made the process very easy for us. We would highly recommend their services to anyone hoping to expand and improve their marketing efforts.”

TN Coalition

What Makes our Marketing Mentor Program So Powerful?

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REAL Expert Coaching

Our coaching is with one of our live marketing experts, jump on a call to get the guidance you need, answers to the questions you may have, and sort through the needs to target your specific audience and industry.

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FAST Access

Every day that you struggle to optimize your marketing, you are losing money. Period. To find, interview, negotiate with, hire, and inform a marketing director or consultant can take weeks or months. We’re experts, and we can give you ACTIONABLE guidance, with regular resource access and scheduled coaching.


PROVEN Systems

We aren’t just guessing here. Our coaching is cultivated after working with thousands of clients and consulting with our strategic partners. There are best practices and always evolving tactics to being found and engaging audiences. We have them, and we want to share them with you!

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We get it – business owners always need to protect the bottom line. Our clients need quality advice to help them build their businesses to the next level. If you can get better help earlier in your business, you are much more likely to survive and thrive!  We have helped thousands of business owners improve their marketing, and have put all our knowledge, testing, and results in our Piccolo Marketing Mentor program!

Why Do You Need a Marketing Mentor?

  • Our team of real people thinks like your ideal customer. We are able to give you the best advice based on experience.
  • You will get specific, actionable suggestions to improve that are easy to implement.

When You’re Ready to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level. . .

Piccolo University


Starting your own business is no easy feat, and we’re here to help provide you with an educational series along the way.  Piccolo University can provide you with additional resources that include:

  • Lifetime Access to Webinars 
  • We show you “The How, the Why and the What Works”
  • Coaching into the basics of how to market your business
  • Give you the foundational tools and resources to guide you through 

Get started with Piccolo University today!

James at Servpro

“Piccolo Marketing has done a great job getting us where we need to be and then some. They are courteous, fun to work with and attentive to our marketing needs!”

James Gao