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Does my website really even matter anymore? 

Whether you are a small business owner / entrepreneur or an international conglomerate, your website is likely the first place people will look for information about your company. What message is your site sending about your goals, mission statement, products and brand? The old saying is, “you only get one chance at a first impression” and that applies to your website. How do you decide what to add to your homepage?

How do you build out the rest of your site with content-rich keywords and information that will place your page near the top of the queue in search engine queries? We’re glad you asked! Piccolo Marketing has a team of experts ready to take your website to the next level.

Before we begin working with you to design a new website, we’ll start by sitting down to better understand your company’s needs and goals.

During this process, we continue to learn about you and your company and how to best create your digital face. Your website is important but the relationship between your page and its content is the key.

A few important elements that we will work with you to hone and enhance include: wording, colors and themes, and ease of accessibility and navigation.Your web design should complement your brand and we’ll help make sure that happens.

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Life is mobile. You need a website that speaks to your customers and is optimized for their busy lives.

We’ll make sure your message is on point, your themes are on trend, and your “digital office” looks its best on all devices. We’ll also make sure it stays current with plug ins and company info! That’s one less concern for you and your team and one more reason for customers to spend more time and money on your page.

A recent report states that more than half of consumers (60%) exclusively use mobile to make purchases. However, sluggish and unresponsive sites were a surefire way to turn off potential buyers for good. With more than a third of consumers using their mobile phone as their primary access to the internet, you don’t want miss on this market.

So what are you waiting for? Let us help you set a positive course for your company with website development and optimization!

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Piccolo is a marketing company made up of REAL PEOPLE! Our team of experts has years of  background helping small business owners, to multimillion dollar organizations, reach unprecedented results through development of marketing strategy, management of budgets, and efficient execution of projects. We have an established network of subject matter experts that support her clients in all aspects of marketing.

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(615) 348-7768

PO Box 160103
Nashville, TN 37216